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Injustice in Virginia Courts

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A little more about my and the ongoing Saga

I'm a 42 year old single dad currently battling the biased courts here in Shenandoah County Virginia USA. This battle has been going on for almost 5 years now. My daughter was 2 when the manically depressed ex forced the separation. I did not ask for this battle, however, if the ex and the court will not allow the child and I a normal relationship (EQUAL) I will spend the time in Court. One day, my daughter will know that her daddy never gave up. UPDATE, it has now been over ten years since the last time I was able to even hold my daughter. in the interim, the ex and step daughter managed to get me charged, tried, and convicted of sexual crimes allegedly against the teenage step daughter, got locked up in December 2007, a 6 year sentence was imposed, did 5yrs 4 mos, got out in April 2013. The ex immediately had a new protective order issued, this time she brainwashed my own child to sign on as well. She then had me locked up for allegedly violating the no contact provision when I had a valentine for my daughter appear in the local paper. Talk about being a bitch! I did 45 days on a 90 day bit. Could not get bail due to conviction for the sex offenses. Almost lost my job over it. since then just been working, paying the support and praying my daughter will look me up after she turns 18 next month. My door is open for her when she decides to visit.