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Constitution of Virginia, Art. 1,

sec 1. Equality and rights of men:

"That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or diverst their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and the pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety."

Sec. 2. People are the source of power.

"That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people, that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them."

Hello! My name is Brian R Chapman, I am a father to a wonderful little girl who only gets to see her daddy 12 hours per week at this time. Her time is so restricted with me because her mother claimed that I had abused an older step child when she decided she did not want to "co-parent" with me 4 years ago.

This site will be used to publish the evidence of the injustice that has and continues to be perpetrated on my daughter and myself by the courts and my ex. I will not be redacting the documents. The parties need to be held accountable.

What's New?
I recently (14Aug06) filed a removal action in the nature of a 42USC1983. Of course the U.S. District Court tossed it, claiming it was a frivilous action, however my claims were not denied by opposing parties. so, now I am waiting to see what Shenandoah County Virginia Circuit Court judge Hupp is going to do. I believe procedurally he needs to recuse himself since he was "noticed" and I did attempt to "enjoin" him in the action.

1April2007, Judge Hupp and the ex continue to be a thorn in the side of justice. After all the convolutions, the 42USC1983 action failed, they are still denying my right to an equal part in my child's life. Next step, administrative/admiralty law. I will be filing notices of distress and dishonor and filing liens against the judge and the ex. Everything is commerce.

12June2007, The ex, Brenda A Chapman, finally brought a charge of aggravated sexual battery against me for allegedly abusing my now 21 year old step-daughter when we lived in Front Royal Virginia. She was upset that Shenandoah Co. declined to prosecute me back in 2003 after CPS (socialist services) finished their investigation. So she went "shopping" for someone to do the prosecuting. It also just so happens that I have her in the "cross-hairs" myself regarding the custody battle of our now 7 year old daughter. The new charge is only being brought to muddy the water, and is an example of how desperate Brenda A Chapman a.k.a. Brenda A Hurst, Brenda A Smith, Brenda A (?) not to share custody and parental responsibility in equal measure with me, the father of our child.

Today was the preliminary hearing in Warren County JD&R, testimony from the step-daughter revealed she had been abused in a sexual manner allegedly by her late grandfather, her cousin, her sister, and one of her mother's boyfriends. Talk about a screwed up situation. And now, they are trying to pin all of it on me. They have a new juvenile and domestic relations judge in Warren County Virginia and as expected he is trying to make an example out of me I guess. Plus the bias of the Court system in general. Despite the shakiest of evidence, and the fact that the charge is being brought to muddy a 5 year old custody battle, the judge still managed to certify the case to go to the grand jury--hopefully the grand jurors will have more common sense than the judge. (Napier)

17October2007, At this time, arraignment has been held up because the judge is trying to get me to hire my own counsel after the ex's attorney, Anna Hammond Esquire notified the Commonwealth Attorney, Nick Manthos,that I made too much money to have a public pretender.

The funny thing is, they are trying to prosecute me for allegedly pinching the alleged victims butt (once) and giving her a wedgie (one time). Talk about a waste of tax dollars.

Someone needs to CALL the Assistant Commonwealth attorney named above, in Warren County Virginia (Front Royal) (540-635-5441) and ask him why he is wasting your tax dollars in this manner.

It should also be noted that NONE of the lawyers, judges, therapists, etc... have encouraged either the ex or the alleged "victim" to look for a way to make peace (they have only continued to encourage the controversy, which is their mission).

I also have been advised NOT to seek out the alleged "victim" to even attempt to make or go to peace with her. Admittedly, the behavior complained of, was "unbecoming" for a step-father/father. And if I truly offended her, I offer the fullest apology and wish that I could undo the alleged offending BEHAVIOR , if she is willing to talk with me, she knows how to find me.

December 2017, after allegedly violating bond conditions, I was locked up, a jury trial was IMPOSED, Judge Dennis Lee Hupp refused to intervene. And I found out afterwards through the grapevine that Judge Hupp's family had a sexual crime victim which means he was and has been prejudiced in presiding over EVERY case of an alleged sex crime that has passed through his court.
A 6 year sentence was imposed, while locked up I was subjected to "delphi" style psychological "therapy" in an effort to get me to admit to crimes that I refused to plead to ( the judge entered a not guilty plea for me). I was release on post release supervision in April 2013 and was subjected to more of the same until I completed the period of post release supervision. They never got me to admit to the crimes that the convictions and imprisonment had been imposed for.

The last time I was able to hold or talk to my daughter was the day that I got locked up in December 2007. I got a few letters from her when I was locked up, but then they stopped after a final one threatened me with joil if I tried to contact her after I got out, she clearly has had her affection for her father alienated by others in her life. She will be graduating in May and hopefully she will look me up after she turns 18.



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